5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Instax Camera, and Film!

If you know anything about your Instax Camera, it’s that the camera is for having fun!

Making the most memories with your Instax pictures is the reason for this guide! So grab your bestie and go make some memories with these tips!


My biggest complaint about this camera is that the refills can be SO EXPENSIVE.
I absolutely LOVE the photos I have with my Instax, but it can be pricey!

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Fujifilm INSTAX Mini Instant Film Twin Pack


Tip #2: Protect your camera!

The most overlooked thing every Instax user has is a missing case. Your camera has sensitive sensors that determine the best setting for your photos! Make sure you protect them with a case!

Not only does it protect your favorite camera, it looks cute too!

Fujifilm Instax Groovy Camera Case


Tip #3: Listen to your camera!

  • “Do not use non-alkaline batteries.
  • Cold batteries may affect your camera’s performance; lightly warm up the batteries with your hands (or something similar) before inserting them into your camera.
  • Replace the batteries when the red lamp on the viewfinder lights up or when the lamps do not blink or light up even when the camera is on.
  • Fresh batteries can take approximately 100 pictures.

Tip #4: Be Careful to do these steps correctly!

  • The camera automatically determines the best setting for your chosen subject or current lighting situation.
  • Do not cover the two windows located beside the flash, as doing so will prevent your camera from assessing the surrounding light and suggesting the correct setting for your photo.
  • Choose the “Hi-Key” setting for a softer, brighter look.
  • Check the exposure counter on the back of the camera to check how many shots you have left.
  • The camera will go into energy saving mode after about five minutes of inactivity (all lamps will be turned off); to restore, turn your camera off, then turn it back on. Or you can also press the shutter button
  • Do not open film cover until the exposure counter reads “0.”

Tip #5: How to properly take photos!

Find good lighting.

The Instax Mini 8 will automatically choose the right setting for any given lighting situation, and it also has a built-in flash to help illuminate the subject or scene you’re trying to photograph. Nonetheless, it is best to take photos in areas with sufficient lighting to ensure that your photos don’t come out underexposed.

Don’t stand too close or too far from your subject.

For best results, remember to maintain a good working distance from your subject—about 2 to 9ft. Your camera’s built-in flash has an effective range of around 0.6m (1.97ft) to 2.7m (8.86ft), so stay within this range to ensure that your photos are properly focused and correctly exposed.

Play around with the suggested brightness setting.

If you’re a newbie, then by all means, follow the camera’s suggested setting. But in certain situations, you can choose to set the brightness yourself if you want a brighter or darker outcome.

But first, you need to know about your camera’s different brightness settings. The brightness of the picture depends on how wide the camera’s aperture opening is. If you aren’t too familiar with photography and how an aperture works, here’s a fairly simple explanation—the larger the opening, the more light it can let in.

Also, keep in mind that aperture is measured by f-numbers. The smaller the number, the larger the opening.

  • Hi-Key – brightest setting; makes your photo softer and brighter
  • Indoors, Night – second brightest setting; aperture of f/12.7
  • Cloudy, Shade – third brightest setting; aperture of f/16
  • Sunny, Slightly Cloudy – fourth brightest setting; aperture of f/22
  • Sunny and Bright – fifth brightest setting; aperture of f/32″ – Adorama.com

Thank you to Adorama.com for the excerpt!

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